Private Coaching

Transform your life through energy work and intuitive life coaching sessions with Osi! Perfect for relationship issues, advancing your career, or deep intimate dilemmas. Realize your full potential through my 3-step process which clears blocks, re-energizes, and puts you on your path to success.

Deep Discovery
Intuitive reading and hands-on acupressure body scan uncovers what holds you back, where your energy is leaking, and helps you understand your highest potential.

Transformative Energy Shift
Remove blockages and open latent energy through Kundalini and Shakti energy transmission.

Tools for Sustainable Growth
Demonstration and guidance for home practice including modern Ayurvedic lifestyle practices: diet, yoga, breath work, and meditation.

Investment Programs
Single Session: $300 for 90 minutes
Tune Up: 3 sessions for $800  – Save $100
Major Shift: 5 sessions for $1300  – Save $200
Total Transformation: 10 sessions for $2500 – Save $500

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“Osi brought calm, peace and centered grounding in the midst of a hectic and turbulent time… Her wisdom, guidance and sensitivity are a true gift.” ~ Vicky

  “Osi is a very powerful and compassionate intuitive healer. She listens deeply and knows exactly the right questions to ask … I am grateful for the loving guidance Osi has given me.” ~ Robin

“Working with Osi has been a profound experience of healing on many levels. She has a keen intuitive ability to “see” whats going on  energetically, not just in your body, but on the deeper, more subtle levels of our emotional and spiritual selves.  In a space of sacred trust, she uses a combination of healing techniques to identify and release energetic blocks, dismantle old beliefs and gently guide you to the truth of who you really are, what you truly desire in this life, and how to go about getting it and living a life of more joy.  It is a process of exploration into the deepest, most authentic parts of who you are. It is powerful work, and has changed me fundamentally in ways that have shifted my life to one of deeper connection, strength and authenticity.  I feel so blessed to have met her and to have the opportunity to do this incredible work with her.”  ~ Lisa